COMING SOON: New Book Exposing the Billionaire Cabal!

Their combined personal net worth nearly tops $1.5 trillion (that’s with a “t”). But the awesome power and staggering influence at their fingertips is worth far more than even that. With a single phone call, they can bankrupt an entire nation and destroy its economy for generations. They can also create—largely out of thin air—brand new markets and launch them into the stratosphere.

They take mere mortals to the stars, literally. They are revered and reviled the world over because they own almost everything, including our elected officials. They are…

THE CONTROLIGARCHS: the billionaire philanthropists, tech titans, plutocrat profiteers, and other self-anointed Masters of the Universe who plot and scheme with political establishment elites.

Other than their membership in the “three commas club,” what do technocrats like Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? They share an ambition to reshape the world with supranational elites like the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.

Frighteningly, their wealth gives them the power and influence to do it, and, even worse, they actually believe they’re entitled to control you and everyone else on the planet. And more often than not, they amassed their mountains of riches through crony alliances, shady takeovers, sustained corporate welfare, and sometimes even flat-out corruption.

This book appeals to readers across the political spectrum—from raging anti-capitalists on the left to hard-core anti-globalist, anti-communists on the right, as well as to all those in the middle rightly concerned about the influence of money in politics, and, more broadly, our civic life.

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